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26 26  1.9.M2 contains several improvements enhancing the usability and productivity on the wiki. These features are under development, so they might still have buggy or limited behaviors. These quirks will be fixed in the next releases.
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28 +Many thanks to Marta Gîrdea, who supervised the development of most of these improvements.
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28 28 Quick ~~Jump to any Page~~ navigation
29 29  It is now possible to jump from any page to any other page, using a modal dialog aided by a suggest-powered search. To start, just press <tt>Ctrl+G</tt> or <tt>Meta+G</tt> (the meta key is the one between <tt>Alt</tt> and <tt>Ctrl</tt>, usually with a Windows logo on it, or the one with the Apple logo on Macs), or click on the text from the ~~Quick Links~~ panel.
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