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115 115  Current limitations:
116 116  - When switching the syntax from 1.0 to 2.0, before reloading the document the toolbar for the old syntax is used. This should be fixed in a future release.
117 117  
118 + New ~~Live Table~~ UI for Document Index and Users, Groups & Rights management
119 +
120 +The ~~Live Table~~ displaying all documents and all attachments in the Document Index page, as well as Users, Groups and Rights entries in the administration has been extended functionally and revamped from a design and user experience point of view. We have dropped the pseudo scroll bar in favor of a pagination mechanism. Columns are not sortable, which allows for example to sort the document or attachment index by date (ascending or descending).
121 +
122 +{image:livetable1.png}
123 +
124 +This Live Table as been made a reusable component, available for applications developers to bind to their application business data in a breathe (just one velocity macro call is enough to create such a table). Read more in the JavaScript improvement section of the release notes, or checking out the live table [developer documentation page>platform:DevGuide.LiveTable], that includes a video introducing the table capabilities.
125 +
118 118 New UI for the ~~Class and Object editors~~
119 119  
120 120  The Class and Object editors have been revamped to improve the usability.
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238 238  - <tt>XWiki.actionButtons.AjaxSaveAndContinue</tt>: as the name says, this is responsible for the improved save and continue functionality. It responds to the <tt>xwiki:actions:save</tt> event with the <tt>continue</tt> flag set to true. See [the source code>http://svn.xwiki.org/svnroot/xwiki/platform/web/trunk/standard/src/main/webapp/resources/js/xwiki/actionbuttons/actionButtons.js] for details.
239 239  - <tt>XWiki.widgets.Suggest</tt>: this is the old suggest, for which thorough cleanup work has started. See [the source code>http://svn.xwiki.org/svnroot/xwiki/platform/web/trunk/standard/src/main/webapp/resources/js/xwiki/suggest/ajaxSuggest.js] for details.
240 240  - <tt>XWiki.widgets.JumpToPage</tt>: the first subclass of the <tt>ModalPopup</tt>, it is responsible for the new ~~Jump to Page~~ feature. See [the source code>http://svn.xwiki.org/svnroot/xwiki/platform/web/trunk/standard/src/main/webapp/resources/js/xwiki/widgets/jumpToPage.js] for details.
249 +- <tt>XWiki.widgets.LiveTable</tt>: the JavaScript class supporting the AJAX Live Table front-end mechanisms, used currently by the Document Index UIs and administration Users, Groups and Rights UIs. You can browse [the source code>http://svn.xwiki.org/svnroot/xwiki/platform/web/trunk/standard/src/main/webapp/resources/js/xwiki/table/livetable.js] for details, or [read the #livetable velocity macro documentation>platform:DevGuide.LiveTable] for a out-of-the-box macro that can map a live table to an XWiki class of objects.
241 241  
242 242 Cleanup
243 243  We started cleaning up the old JavaScript code, replacing custom code with methods provided by [Prototype.js>http://www.prototypejs.org/], removing unused code, applying a common codestyle, introducing a standard naming convention, introducing a standard directory policy, etc. The first components affected are the Suggest, the behavior for the form action buttons, and the XWiki object itself.

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